Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Investigations in Hawaii

Insurance fraud is a major source of increased insurance cost for consumers. The Hawaii Investigative Group works with insurance companies, lawyers, and the self-insured to determine any fraud that relates to a claim. We have saved consumers millions of dollars resolving fraudulent claims. Our office has conducted thousands of insurance fraud investigations for attorneys and insurance companies. Call us today, and get to the truth.

Our secret weapon 
(it's not so secret)

The Hawaii Investigative Group conducts surveillance and has taken thousands of hours of video on suspected insurance fraud cases. When it comes right down to it, though, our most valuable asset is our people and their ability to talk to witnesses and obtain factual, objective information about a claim or accident. Put it to work for you. Call today!

Spend a little, save a lot

When people consider hiring a firm like The Hawaii Investigative Group to conduct insurance fraud investigations, the first question they ask is "what will it cost?" It depends on many factors, but one thing is certain: the money you'll most likely save will make it all worthwhile. Call our office today for a quote.

Our integrity, your asset

The Hawaii Investigative Group has testified in both federal and state courts, workers compensation hearings, and provided testimony in cases involving mediation and arbitration. Our integrity is your asset. Call The Hawaii Investigative Group based in Honolulu with investigators on all islands, to discuss the range of our services. 

Call us today! 808-526-3245

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