Missing Persons

Missing and Hard to Locate Persons 

Finding missing or hard to locate persons is an art and we have that down. Hawaii is a location where people can be hard to find. They move frequently and often do not want to be found. The Hawaii Investigative Group based in Honolulu with investigators on all islands, specializes in finding missing and hard to locate persons worldwide. 

When a witness needs to be found

In almost every civil litigation case, there are witnesses that are need to be found and interviewed. Hawaii is a transition state in that many people come and go. The Hawaii Investigative Group can help locate witnesses and obtain their statements. 

Lost and found 

Contrary to what you've seen on TV, disappearing without a trace is really hard to do. The Hawaii Investigative Group has helped people locate long-lost relatives, birth parents, and potential legal witnesses around the world. 

Stop wondering, start knowing

The Hawaii Investigative Group has worked hundreds of cases where people disappear. We provide investigators to actively work on missing person cases on all islands. Sometimes police resources are not sufficient to follow all leads. Our firm becomes your investigator to in the field. 

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