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The Hawaii Investigative Group is composed of licensed and registered investigators that work cases throughout the State of Hawaii, nationally & internationally. Each investigator brings their credentials and experience to help clients resolve issues and discover information. The firm is fully licensed, insured and bonded. The founding member of the Team is Steve Goodenow, CLI, CFE. With over 50 years of investigative experience, Steve has formed an experienced and dedicated group of investigators that have successfully resolved thousands of cases. With experience in both law enforcement and the private sector, our investigators bring both knowledge and practical expertise to assist our clients. 

Steve Goodenow, CLI, CFE

Mr. Goodenow has been actively involved in the investigative and security fields since 1967. 

During Mr. Goodenow's career as a security consultant and investigator, he has conducted thousands of private investigations and consultations in the areas of tort liability, security negligence, fiduciary trust investigations, malpractice, business, fraud, computer fraud and construction matters. Mr. Goodenow investigated many of Hawaii's trend setting cases. Mr. Goodenow has been retained by Hawaii's major law firms to conduct legal investigations in all areas of civil and criminal practice. Mr. Goodenow has also been retained by both county and state governments to conduct investigations ranging from white-collar crime, trust negligence to misconduct by state and county employees. Many of these investigations have led to reorganizations of governmental operations and the inclusion of safeguards to better protect the public's interest.

As a licensed guard and security consultant, Mr. Goodenow has owned and operated both a security guard agency and consultation firm. He has been retained as a security expert on cases involving litigation and has directed security consultation projects for both business and industry. Mr. Goodenow's projects include security consultations and investigations for banks, utility companies, major marine shipping companies, insurance companies and businesses with harbor operations. 

Mr. Goodenow has conducted investigations for clients throughout the world. Cases have been conducted in Asia, Australia, Canada, throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, the South Pacific, Micronesia, and Europe. Complicated financial investigations involving offshore banks and lending institution have also been conducted. Mr. Goodenow has worldwide affiliations and contacts. 

Testifying in district, circuit and federal court as well and various administrative hearings, Mr. Goodenow has broad experience seeing an assignment through to its ultimate conclusion. Mr. Goodenow has been retained as an expert witness in cases involving investigator performance and security negligence. 

Mr. Goodenow has been a Drug Program Agent of the National Football League and consults on travel matters at Total Travel, Inc., one of Hawaii's largest travel agencies. 


1964-1967; Certified Public School Teacher, State of Washington; Mr. Goodenow taught secondary and adult basic education 

1967 through 1971; Investigator with Barry Goodenow and Associates, Honolulu, Hawaii 

1972 through 1991; Owner/Chairman of the Board and principal licensed investigator and guard of Goodenow Associates, Inc. (an investigation company) and Safeguard Services, Inc. (a security guard and consultation company). These companies have been actively involved in the investigative and security community in Hawaii for over 30 years. Jointly they presently employ over 700 full and part-time employees throughout Hawaii. During 1991 these companies were sold to Mr. Goodenow's employees. 

1992 - 2003: Owner of Steve Goodenow, CLI, CFE, a full service investigation and security consultation firm 

2003 - Present: Principal licensee of The Hawaii Investigative Group, LLC and Steve Goodenow, CLI, CFE a full service investigation and security consultation firm. 

1995 - Present: Vice President/Director - HNL Travel Associates, dba Honolulu Travel

1996 - 2007: Drug Program Agent, National Football League 


1964 B.A. Degree, Whitworth College, Spokane, WA Undergraduate and Postgraduate work, Whitworth College and University of Hawaii 

Professional Training:
Various legal investigator seminars, sponsored by the National Association of Legal Investigators, World Association of Detectives and Association of Fraud Examiners from 1978 through present. Mr. Goodenow is a frequent speaker and lecturer at seminars. 

Regulatory/Professional Groups: 

Hawaii State Board of Private Detectives & Guards Chairman, Member and Vice-Chairman (1981-1991 - 1996 - Present)
National Association of Legal Investigators - 
Former NALI offices: National Director; Assistant National Director; National Secretary; Director of Region VI; Chairman, Continuing Education Committee; Chairman, Election Committee; Member & Chairman, Constitution Revision Committee Co-Chairman Disciplinary Committee
Member, American Society for Industrial Security
Member, World Association of Detectives
Associate member, California Association of Licensed Investigators
Past President, Hawaii Investigative-Security Society
Charter Member, Council of Police and Private Security
(COPPS-This organization established by Honolulu Police Dept.)
Member, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Member, Hawaii Joint Police Association
Member, Oahu 2001 Reapportionment Council
Member, Executive Council of Ahahui Koa Anuenue 
(UH Athletic Department Fund-Raising) 

Licenses and Certifications: 

State of Hawaii Private Detective License #120, obtained on October 12, 1973 and Private Guard License #99, obtained on May 23, 1973
Designated as a Certified Legal Investigator by the National Association of Legal Investigators on January 27, 1983 - Current
Designated as a Certified Fraud Examiner by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners on May 3, 1990 - Current 

Our support staff 

Eric Muroki / General Investigations - Maui
Monica Revells / General Investigations - Maui
Elise Johnson / General Investigations - Oahu
Kenneth Goodenow, Esp / Legal Consult - Island of Hawaii - Hilo
John Veneri, Sr. / General Investigations - Island of Hawaii
Sam Carlos / General Investigations - Island of Hawaii - Kona
Vitana Southaichack / General Investigations - Oahu
Wesley Kaui / General Investigations - Kauai
Malia Daniel / Polygraph - Island of Hawaii
Elizabeth and George Freitas / General Investigations and Polygraph - Island of Hawai

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