Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage in Hawaii

Too often, Hawaii's companies do not realize they are being monitored by their competition. Construction companies find that their bids are undercut by competition. Copy-written products are cheaply duplicated and sold as originals. Businesses in Hawaii has it's own set of issues and The Hawaii Investigative Group based in Honolulu with investigators on all islands, can help resolve these corporate problems.

When confidential information leaks

When your confidential information seems to be widely known, it can often be a problem that does not involve wire tapping but is related to employees who have access to information that should be closely held. The Hawaii Investigative Group can help shore up your information systems and vet employees. 

You have an exclusive product

Your exclusive product which you've spent countless hours to develop is ending up in the swap meet, costing you sales. Counterfeit products are often cheaply made, which gives your quality product a bad reputation. The Hawaii Investigative Group can check competing businesses, swap meets and product shows to determine those responsible for manufacturing and selling your product. 

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