Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations in Hawaii

An employee embezzles money from a business. A contractor charged you an arm and a leg for shoddy work. A brokerage firm gave you bad advice that cost you your life savings. Long story short, somebody did you wrong and now you want to determine the facts. Find out, with the help of  The Hawaii Investigative Group based in Honolulu with investigators on all islands. Our financial investigations will give you the information you need to make the right decision.  
Financial investigation in progress  in Honolulu

The tools of the trade

When you hire The Hawaii Investigative Group to conduct a financial investigation, you can rest assured that you're hiring professionals who can perform the following services: 
  • Examination of financial statements 
  • Research of public and private sources of information 
  • Interviews of individuals with knowledge of financial transactions
  • Discovery of hidden assets
This is just a small sampling of what we can do for you. Call for an appointment.

We're your bottle of rip-off repellent

Company founder Steve Goodenow has been a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) since 1981. Whether you're an attorney inquiring on behalf of a client, or a business or homeowner who suspects they've been defrauded in any way, shape or form, The Hawaii Investigative Group will get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently!

It can run, but it can't hide

There are all kinds of ways to hide money, some legal, some definitely not. The Hawaii Investigative Group has seen and heard them all. If you suspect your ex is hiding money in order to avoid paying alimony, or an employee has hidden assets after stealing from the company, call us today to start a financial investigation!

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