Surveillance in Hawaii

Surveillance is an art. Determining the activities of individuals or whats going on in a work place often requires surveillance. Call The Hawaii Investigative Group. The Hawaii Investigative Group based in Honolulu with investigators on all islands, are experienced in all manner of surveillance, including covert, digital or video surveillance, undercover activities and documentation of loss. We can also help track down missing and hard to locate persons worldwide. 

We watch like no one's looking

Suspicion doesn't justify action. Whether you're considering divorcing a philandering spouse or firing a dishonest worker, surveillance is often the key to taking action without reservation. Call The Hawaii Investigative Group. 

Accident surveillance

The Hawaii Investigative Group has handled countless insurance surveillance cases and resolved issues related to the extent of injuries on employees or those injured in accidents. We provide objective and factual information regarding activities of individuals filing injury claims. 

When proof of activity is needed

The Hawaii Investigative Group can provide video and photographic evident regarding a subjects activity. 

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